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Jan 24, 2022



February 7th, 2022 Monday 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. JST

Part①Knowledge of taxes required to establish a company
In this seminar, introduction to basic taxes and procedures for those who want to start a business.
In addition to an overview of the taxes and necessary procedures you need to know before starting a business, we also introduce effective tax-saving measures, points to keep in mind, and criteria for deciding whether or not to start a business.

▼Recommended for
・Individuals and international companies, entrepreneurs;
-considering starting up a business in Japan.
-wishing to save tax wisely.
-wishing to learn general knowledge of taxes.

・The general process of establishing a company.
・Main points to be considered when establishing a company.

Tax accountant Mr. Mitsuhiro Kashimura.

He has experience working in a leading Tax Accountant Corporation, large mercantile company, bank, overseas consulting firm.
After that, he founded Leads & Company, Inc. and the L&C Certified Public Tax Accountant’s Office in order to establish a comprehensive consultancy group.

He also had worked as a tax advisor, a financial advisor, a supporter, etc. for a wide range of industries.

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